Saturday, September 4, 2010

A Tale of Tomatoes

Today, the kids and I worked on pureeing about 2 bushels of tomatoes, to make tomato soup for the coming winter. I thought you might like to see a brief photo essay of our process.

Huge, white beefsteak tomatoes from the garden.

Lonely table, awaiting tomatoes and boys...

Victorio strainer, ready for action...

First boy on the job, eager to make soup!

Keep up the great work, Levi!

Look, Mom! The puree looks like rainbows!

Cherokee Purple and White Beefsteak Tomatoes responsible for making the rainbows.

Second boy, ready for action!

Izak is looking forward to tasting the soup after sledding this coming winter!

Tired Mama, after the work is done...

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