Tuesday, December 7, 2010

In Which I Knit Some Hats

The garden is finally put to bed for the season, the kids are fully involved in school work, music, and jujitsu, and our big holiday celebration of the year has come and gone. Around here, the big party of the year is at Thanksgiving, when my entire family meets here in Ohio for a long weekend of fun and festivities. This year was the 11th year in a row, so it's really becoming a tradition.

This year I tried some new techniques to prepare in advance, and they worked quite well. I've decided to blog about them, but not tonight. Tonight I would like to share some hats I have been knitting. I gave a bunch away for Christmas gifts, and now, everywhere I go, everyone wants a hat. This is a great pattern, and will serve you well, so my hat goes off to the designer (pun fully intended!)...

Click on this link to see the pattern and its designer...

Or you can try this one...

Anyway, I've been busy knitting up these hats and they are simply wonderful! Since it's been snowing a lot lately, and Christmas is on the way, I'd like to show you my hats, and encourage you to knit some yourself. Either that, or ask your knitting friend to knit one for you. I can almost guarantee that wearing one or giving one will make you feel warm all over, especially on your head!

Stay tuned for my series of Thanksgiving posts. Perhaps I can help some of you prepare your next feast with less stress! In the meantime, try knitting some hats!

Wishing you warm heads and happy hearts...


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE the hats!!! I am such a slow knitter, but I may try one. :)

    I am really looking forward to your Thanksgiving posts. I am trying your gift basket idea for Christmas this year.

    Thanks for all you do!!

  2. Thanks, Marci... I love the hats, too. Let me know how your gift basket works out. I remembered to take a picture of mine this year, so I'll post it, eventually. I really appreciate your comment! Thanks...

  3. This is a light and airy lady's scarf for fall or spring knitted knit hats for women diagonally. Stunning color, with a touch of golden sparkle.