Monday, May 10, 2010

Good Times

Good Monday morning to all!

I want to begin by saying that the last four days have been diverse and interesting and busy! It all started last Thursday, with a garage sale Hubby and I managed to hit prior to 9am after dropping the kids at school. Fellow fabric fanatics, I lucked out. Seriously. Lucked. Out.

I was poking around in a table of stuff and saw a box of brand new, still in original packaging, fat quarters. Fat quarters are 18" x 22" pieces of 100% cotton prints that people purchase for quilting projects. They are bundled in coordinating colorways to make it easy on the quilter. They call out to us in the fabric stores, "Here! Buy us! You won't have to think about picking colors on your own!" Being terminally low on cash, and having collected a fair shake of fabric remnants and leftovers from a variety of sources and sales over the years, I, personally, have never bought fat quarters in my life. They are a thing of beauty, wondrous to behold in their crisp neatness, all tucked in together, wrapped up with ribbon.

Well, this box had packages of three fat quarters and the garage sale lady wanted 75 cents each for them. I did a quick scan in the box, wondering what she would take for the whole thing. I thought about offering her $10, thinking she'd never take a price that low. Finally I just decided to ask her what she'd take for the entire box. She said, "How about $7.50?" "Sold," said I, tucking the box under my arm.

Over the weekend, I had a chance to open them all up, lay them out on my sewing table, mix and match, sigh and admire, all the while cogitating project ideas. There are 110 total pieces of fabric. I still can't believe my good fortune!

In other sewing news, I had a chance to try Abi's Vintage Pillowcase Grocery Tote Tutorial and made a bag on Saturday. Thanks, Abi, for such a great tutorial! I encourage all of you to try it. I'm already planning on making a pile of them for Christmas gifts this year. It really was quick and easy, with great results. Since it turned out so well, I decided to take the pile of newborn baby clothes I've been saving and tuck them inside for the mother-to-be's shower gift. Not only will she get a pile of adorable clothes for her newborn, she'll get to keep the packaging for use in the grocery store.

On Mother's Day, the guys took me shopping at a great thrift store and I found a few more treasures, including another pillow case for 25 cents. It was a beautiful day for a drive, I got to knit in the car (coming up with a new design!), and I scored a vintage Pyrex refrigerator container in near perfect condition --and it's yellow-- and a porcelain coffee pot complete with filter.

Now it's Monday, and there is way too much to do in the garden, but that's okay. I'm rejuvenated and inspired by the last several days. I hope you all had a fabulous Mother's Day, be you mother, daughter, father, or son, spending it with your family doing what you love to do. I'd love to linger, but there are onions to weed, compost to spread, and beds to mulch, so for now, I'm off to my tasks at hand...


  1. Oh my word what a score!!! Oh that fabric! i would sit and stare at it for hours. :) lucky lucky lady!

  2. Yes, Gretchen, I was totally psyched! Still can't believe my good fortune, and the fabric is still sitting there. I can't bring myself to put it in a box, so I may end up organizing my sewing room today. It's raining, so it's a good day for it.

  3. Thrift stores and garage sales are like treasure fun...we catch ourselves arguing with our inner voice: "Is 75 cents too much for that?" lol...too funny...

  4. Yes, Joe, I know what you mean. We get so used to paying 50 cents or a dollar, even the great $7.50 deal seems outrageous. You have to shake yourself and say, "Waitaminit! This is dirt cheap!" It's all relative... at least I'm not sweating bullets over $750, instead of $20!