Monday, February 21, 2011

{aPaD} In Which I Admit To My Knitaholicism

Hello... tap tap tap... Is this thing on? Hello... ummmm, My kname is Suzanne and I've been knitting for over 35 years...

It knever fails. After a summer of almost kno knitting, I get a little startitis-y this time of year and begin about 20 projects I've been thinking about for the last couple of years. Even if they are tiny projects, I had to remind myself last evening, that many small projects still add up to a chunk of time and a lot of finishing. Kno worries. Kno regrets. I will finish them. And I do knot regret starting any of them.

But as I laid the mess of knitting bag contents scattered around my chair, on the chair, itself, in order to organize and decide what to wrap up first, I realized, maybe it's time to admit that I am a knitaholic. This is what I have been working on for the last 10 days... all started within the last 10 days...

Oh, and that doesn't include something that already made it to the finished pile. It was a busy 10 days... lots of trotting about to appointments and other commitments, during which I found a lot of knitting/waiting time. I chose to fill this time with knitting, because it makes for a patient and calm Suzanne, rather than a frazzled, knervous-knelly Suzanne. With the added bonus of having something to show for my time watching grappling or waiting on the doctor. People who watch me knit say I'm fast. Maybe that's true.

Before going any further with this post, I must
publicly apologize to my friend, Mary, who really will receive her sweater some day. I've decided, after writing this post, to finish the baby kimono (H) because it's due a week from today (the gift, not the baby). Then I will finish Mary's sweater before finishing (or starting!) anything else. This post seems a bit punchy... maybe because we're having "wintry mix" again and it's supposed to accumulate up to four inches overnight. Whatever the reason, I'm thinking about Barbara Walker. Barbara Walker came up with the most clever reply in response to a rather snarky journalist, who, during an interview, asked, "Why is knitting spelled k-n-i-t-t-i-n-g?" Barbara simply smiled and replied, "Why... I don't kah-now."

Anyway, for those of you who are interested in the contents of my knitting chair (thrift store, $16, by the way!), please keep reading... links included.

A - Cabled Hot Water Bottle Cozy on Ravelry in Lion Brand WoolEase Chunky
- Grannie's Traditional Tea Cozy on Ravelry in Bendigo Woollen Mills Colonial DK Wool
C - Kitchen Towel, based on a Purl Bee design in KnitPicks organic cotton worsted
D - Infant Pilot Cap in Stitch Nation Bamboo Ewe
E - Toddler Pilot Cap in camo-colored nameless wool
F - Another kitchen towel, also in KnitPicks organic cotton worsted
G - Basket Weave Dishcloth
in Lion Brand Nature's Choice organic cotton
- Baby Kimono in chocolate brown mill end cotton worsted
I - Another basketweave dishcloth, also in Lion Brand Nature's Choice organic cotton


  1. Wow! That's incredible! Do you go out and buy new yarn for each one when you start, or do you use from your stash?

    I hope you find the time to finish them all at some point!

  2. If you did ALL of that in the last 10 days, I am in awe of you. You MUST be fast. I think doing one at a time will be a good thing. However, switching from one to another is still doing one thing at a time. :) I just finished a dish cloth and have another pair of socks on my needles. :) I also have the start of a winter hat for me.

  3. Sassafrass, mostly I use from my stash. I do occasionally buy yarn these days, but almost never for a specific project. Rather, because it's on sale. Did you see up there how many years I've been knitting? At the risk of aging myself, I have been collecting yarn for 25 years. Plus, I have a very sweet friend who frequently sends me boxes of miscellaneous leftover balls, so I end up with lots of yarn. I will try to blog the finishing...

    Marci... I've just been doing it so long, I barely look at it anymore. Notice that the tea cozy is not started yet. I just have the yarn out and the pattern and needles ready to go. That one will take the longest, certainly! Is your winter hat a Thorpe?