Saturday, February 26, 2011

{aPaD} In Which I Find A Coon In A Tree

While on our walk yesterday, we scouted around for fallen trees. We've had several heavy duty wind storms and near-tornados in the past few years, so we wanted to see if we'd lost anything big. There was a tree that had a huge hollow, and I found myself thinking that a family could live in that hollow. I moved a bit closer, and then I saw something moving in the tree.

Turns out it was a home. A home for raccoons. There was one raccoon in the bottom part of the tree and the other was scrambling up into the top for cover. He must not quite fit up there, as you can see his foot. I think, for all the world, that looks almost like a Hobbit foot. What do you think?

He was pretty nervous, so we left after I took this picture. I hope he enjoys the remainder of his hibernation. And I hope he stays up in the woods, too, and doesn't come down to my deck to unpot all my plants this summer. Stay up in your tree, stay up in your woods, Mr. Coon. You leave us alone and we'll leave you alone. Deal? Deal.

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