Friday, February 18, 2011

{aPaD} or {a Picture a Day} - or - Spring in February

Borrowing the idea from my friend, Abi, I have decided to try blogging a photo a day to get my mojo going!

Today, we had our typical "Spring in February" teaser. It was 60 degrees almost all day long, so we went out and worked on sheet composting. A lot of work, done a lot faster with help from the entire family. Above is a picture of my boys, holding sunflower stalks I finally pulled up today. Let me tell you, I'm not sorry I waited to pull them up... they came up easily, whereas last Fall, I had to struggle with those babies. I left them up so my family could see their gargantuan size in November when they came for Thanksgiving.

Anyway, I used them to border my bed of Jerusalem artichokes. I believe, since the Jerusalem artichokes are in the sunflower family, they will like having their brothers/sisters used for bordering their bed.

It was a lovely day. Warm, mild, windy, with pungent, spongy earth, even if ice remains on the grasses in the orchard. Maybe tomorrow it will melt off before the temperature drops in a few days... bye bye Spring teaser. It was nice while it lasted!


  1. where is the snow?! it was so warm today here too but we still have lots of snow. oh gosh, i bet you wanted to just start digging in that ground! i think i'll faint when i finally see ground again :)

  2. It's been warm for 3 days, and finally, today, the snow was mostly gone and there's only a little ice left on the driveway. We had a lot more ice this time, than snow. The creek is rushing --- might be tomorrow's picture --- from all the snow melt. I walked all over the garden in my muck boots, checking the garlic, checking under last year's straw and cardboard, pulling up weeds and old plants. The ground looks good, and I wanted to dig. Too early for that, so instead, I planted some bulbs in a window box to force some blooms by Easter. I've never done that, so we'll see how it turns out. It was son lovely outdoors, I gave the kids a "spring" day! It was worth it.

  3. I made bean tepees one year out of my sunflower stalks from the year before.

  4. Marci, I thought about doing that yesterday. They are certainly strong and useful!