Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Vintage Solution -or- My Bright Idea!

Hello... just a quick post here this cold evening. Every now and then things just click and a problem is solved in a clever way and it tickles me. It doesn't take a lot to make me happy, I suppose. But I think this idea is super clever, and I want to share it with you.

Not too long ago, I thought it would be very handy to have a bunch of scoops that could live in all my buckets of grains and beans. Every now and then I forget, and leave a measuring cup in one of my buckets, or I have to wash and dry the cup before moving it from one bin to the next. So I started looking for old measuring cups at thrift stores. Not being a huge fan of plastic or aluminum, my choices were limited.

Just about ready to give up, last week I walked through the kitchen goods at the thrift store and saw this...

These are Corelle tea cups from an old set of dishes. They aren't very conveniently shaped for drinking hot beverages, nor or they very large. But they ARE very conveniently shaped scoops, with a very comfortable and ergonomic handle! Aha! They cost just 25 cents a piece, and are made of Corning's patented glass, practically break-proof! No plastic, no aluminum, perfect shape! Bingo. I spent two dollars and took a stack of eight home with me.

Once I washed them and started placing them in my various bins of grains and beans, it occurred to me that they seem pretty close to a one-cup measure. I got out my one-cup measure and filled it with water, then poured the water into a Corelle cup. Guess what? Exactly one cup! Even better! Now I have eight new one-cup scoops that fit all my requirements... for a two dollar investment.

Maybe you will want to look for some the next time you are at your favorite thrift store!


  1. Way to go Suzanne!!! That is a wonderful idea. I found a bunch of old metal scoops and measuring cups one time. I use those a lot.

  2. Ooooh, clever clever! I love the daisy pattern, too! And really, who would drink just one cup of tea or coffee? Those were made to measure!

  3. Marci, Sassafrass, great minds think alike. There were a lot more of them. I probably should have bought 20! Plus there were some with beige daisies. But I love my green...